-You will receive your username and password within a few days of your session and will have 10 days to view your pictures and make your selections.

-You must choose the prints you want and pay for your purchases within those 10 days to keep from paying the additonal $35.00 for reloading. I will send one reminder before your deadline.

-I do not order anything until I have payment in hand. Once I receive payment I will place your order and you should receive you order within 10-14 days.

*Pricing for prints-

5 x 7 or smaller 13.00

8 x 10 25.00

11 x 14 80.00

16 x 20 135.00

20x 24 200.00

24 x 36 300.00

wallets (8) 25.00

*additional sizes are available

There is a minimum of 200.00 print order with every session. Additional prints can be purchased at a later date, but know that they will be placed with another order so you may have a little longer to wait depending on where I am in my ordering.

All pricing on this website and for Amanda Reich Photography is subject to change at any time.

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