Baby Plan Pricing

Sessions must be paid in advance to receive the discounted rate and paid in full.

Babies grow up, let's face it. Mine isn't a baby anymore and I wish from time to time that he was still little and I could go back to that stage in his life and treasure it more. I didn't become a photographer until after the fact and now realize how precious pictures of that stage are. Those precious little fingers and toes or when they learned to take their first steps or those funny faces they make or simply being in more pictures with your angel/angels. This is the plan for a mom that wants to treasure those times for years after they've grown and gone onto a life of their own.

4 sessions 375.00 (Regular pricing 489.00)

1-free 5 x 7 from each session

5 sessions 600.00 (Regular pricing 920.00)

(newborn, 3-4 months or holding head up well, 6-7 mths or sitting well, 9-10 mths crawling, 12mth-14mths walking or standing well.)

1-5 x 7 from each session

1-11 x 14 collage

1-5 x 5 leather book with 10- 5 x 5 prints of your choosing (not available for individual sale)

There is a minimum 200.00 print purchase with each session.

Newborn sessions are best if scheduled no later than 2 weeks after birth and then 1 yr must be taken no later than 1 mths after their first birthday.


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